Physics wavelength Questions

1. Sound waves in cold air have a speed of 320 m/s and a wavelength of 3.0 m. If the     wavelength of these waves increases to 3.6 m in warm air, what is their new speed? speed for 3.0m is =320m speed for 3.6m is=320 x 3.6 / 3 speed = 384m/s 2. A tuning fork’s tines vibrate 250 times in 2.0 s. Find (a) the frequency of vibration, (b) the period of vibration Frequency: how many times fork tines vibrate in 1 second. In 2 seconds fork vibrates = 250 ” 1 ” ” ” ” =250/2 = … Continue reading Physics wavelength Questions

The Scholar and warrior Guru Gobind Singh ( SODHI)

                            Guru Gobind Singh (SODHI) The tenth and the last Guru or Prophet-teacher of the Sikh faith, was born Gobind Rai Sodhi on Poh Sudi 7th, 23rd Poh 1723 Bikrami Samvat (22 December 1666) at Patna, in Bihar. His father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the Ninth Guru, was then travelling across Bengal and Assam. Returning to Patna in 1670, he directed his family to return to the Punjab. On the site of the house at Patna in which Gobind Rai was born and where he spent his early … Continue reading The Scholar and warrior Guru Gobind Singh ( SODHI)

Magnet and electricity

What do magnets and electricity have in common? One can be created by the other. I am working on to hang a glass roof top on my room balcony, I am not going to put any posts to support that roof. I will hang it in air with the support of magnets, let’s see it will work or not. magnets are permanent, magnets don’t lose their magnetic properties suddenly. Faraday cage is any enclosed hollow shell made of an electrical conducting material. If there is a large electric field outside the conducting shell, the electric charges on the shell will … Continue reading Magnet and electricity

Negative beats Negative

we always want to stay positive, we try hard to stay positive. How much we are successful to avoid negativity. Here is a equation:   – ( 2 + 2) as this negative gets a way to enter in the bracket it will change the whole positive equation into NEGATIVE.   other equation:  – ( -2 – 2), now negative will make mistake by dare to enter into this house, NEGATIVE will be crushed here.   Result: NEGATIVE BEATS NEGATIVE Continue reading Negative beats Negative


Air   Air seems like an empty space, but it is a composition of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. These gases swirling around us make us feel like fish of the atmosphere. Troposphere is the house of these gases; they make life on earth possible. Gases in the cauldron of troposphere rushes and whirls, these movements create currents, we can’t see these fast moving currents but we can feel them. WHY DOES AIR MOVE? The movement of our earth makes the wind blow, air doesn’t move,  gases move from high pressure to low pressure. The north and south poles are bitterly cold and the equator is … Continue reading AIR